Tenyek website

We gave a fresh digital outfit for one of the biggest news portals in Hungary.

Tap Company

We created a quirky and fun little game with a big story.

Site redesign 2015

After 3 months of hard work we've finished a major redesign project of the Telenor site.

Merchants of Space

Our newest game has been launched into its orbit!

Horlicks - NutriQuest

The NutriQuest game we made for GSK to teach children the advantages of Horlicks through educational entertainment.

European Games 2015

We were responsible for the Design and Development of the Torch Relay Event site for the Baku 2015 European Games.

Adventures of Poco Eco

Adventures of Poco Eco - an exploratory adventure game focusing on music, within a stunning visual world!

1Hotels website

We created a special user experience for the luxury hotel brand 1Hotels.

POSSIBLE Games and Tesco debut My Little Tesco

POSSIBLE Games made My Little Tesco released for both iOS and Android!

The scent of a new car

Showroom, reinvented!

Adrenaline junkie crash test dummies got behind the wheel

Our new game Small & Furious launched worldwide. X emailPOWER operates with emailPOWER - our fastest, smartest yet simplest EDM solution.

Fressnapf commercials

We've made two spots for Fressnapf that highlights the importance of protecting your beloved pets.

Telenor hybrid tablet microsite

To demonstrate all the features and details of the hybrid tablets you can find at Telenor, we've made a simple, breezy, yet eye-catching microsite.

Coke Zero website

Fresh n' tasty design for the unified Coke Zero sites in several European countries.

Telenor website

We've re-imagined the online presence of Telenor, and designed more than 300+ subpage of

My Opinion Matters (Számít A Szavam)

Animations about the six fields of ongoing development using EU funds.

ATV Website

Beauty and brains, the brand new, fully responsive masterpiece of a website we did for ATV.


Two factor authentication, reinvented


The ultimate digital shrine for all the brands you love and all the products you have.

Die Hard game

Yippee ki-yay! Welcome to Russia: are you ready to battle ruthless mobsters, elite commandos and shadowy politicians?


The ultimate endless runner app to make your day 138.5% better!

Mobiltárca infovideo

A teasing video we created to aid the m-payment pilot program of Mobiltarca.

Minimax website

Website for Minimax cartoon channel, bringing localized content to Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Czech Republic.

Carrefour Online e-commerce services

Carrefour Online is the first e-commerce service provided by a hypermarket in Romania.

Macaron Day

Myriad of taste sensation on a single event.

Explore Amsterdam

Sightseeing reinvented, a Google Streetview-based game for virtual strolls in Amsterdam.

What Women Want Day

Our take on the International Women Day is slightly differ from the masses approach.


Photogotchi is a fun pixel-art game combined with a Tamagotchi for bitcowboys and everyone else who wants play a new type of hybrid game!


The first community-powered life enhancement program!

Fan Branza Microsite

Microsite enabling You to be a part of Delaco Family.

Data is everything! Introducing: commercial plans and xtra features. Designer QR codes for your business now with scan tracking and more!

The ultimate bike app

We are taking cycling to the next level with tracking, tour tips, highlights, and many more features for the European Oil and Gas Giant.

Performance Based Media Management

Direct response campaign for effectiveness, spiced up with a dashboard report for Telenor.

Huge Numbers

Website about the results of the ÚSZT development program, all the huge numbers presented in an appealing, touching way.

Delaco website

An altar to cheese, where diary lovers can pay tribute and get engaged in the everything that is around the goodie they love.


An app enabling to multiply yourself, or combine things easily, be it a single shot or even a sequence.

Mobile Internet for tablets & notebooks

Two mobile internet campaigns with an attractive line-up: various netbooks, Samsung Galaxy and other tablets.

Nokia Lumia

Online campaign for the new Nokia Lumia phones with Windows Phone OS.


International social media campaign of MOL Group to attract recent college graduates.

Labello Facebook Timeline

100 years of Labello's history on Facebook timeline.

Totoya Creatures

Imagine a furry plush toy for toddlers, that's the body. Encased inside you have a tablet, running a specially designed app, that's the soul.

Kiss Messengers

Facebook application with virtual kiss messengers, PPC and banner campaign for Labello.

Hauser Home Appliances website

Website for the main distributor of Hauser, Grundig and Beko brand products in Hungary.

Xmas e-card 2011

Multilanguage e-card that delights recipients with cityscapes turned into beautiful kaleidoscopes.

Gingerbread Designer - Xmas 2011

Get creative and put a little surprise onto the Christmas tree of kids in need.

Xmas campaigns 2011

Online campaigns for the xmas period featuring the stars of the Hungarian X Factor show.

Bedtime stories, every night.

Integrated awareness campaign educating moms and dads about the importance of bedtime stories.

Mother Hero

We created a Facebook activity to celebrate the inner-heroine in every single mother.

The Happiest Coke Bottle

Place your artwork on a giant Coke bottle! Use a photo or your drawing skills to accomplish intriguing tasks.

School trip from MOL

MOL sponsors 10 school trips in 2011. To register, parents used codes on fuel receipts from MOL gas stations.

Will.I.Am saves your time

Innovative and playful campaign across 3 countries about high-performance Intel hardware, targeted at gamers and workaholics.


Crowdspottr is an awesome mobile application to help you out when you don't know where to go and whom with.

Website redesign for Hipernet

We modernized Telenor's website to be a part of the visually streamlined city full of lights within the Hipernet world.

What type of woman are you?

Joint promotional campaign between lingerie brand Triumph and Discreet across 5 countries, with a fun quiz for women.

Fanta Greeting

Create your own Fanta character, pass on special handshakes to friends, upload your video for the grand prize!

Work hard

Ingenious banner campaign across Europe with clothes working out without their owners.

Hauser Kerékpár website

Website for the local distributor of Specialized, Haro and Maxxis bicycles.

Moquu – photo scratcher

The first interactive photo-scratcher app for the iPhone and iPad2.

Sport TV website

Portal site for Hungary's most popular sports TV channel.

TV Paprika website

Our secret recipe for a great site: add spice and fresh ingredients, bring it to boil, stir it till ready. Serve while hot!


Gifology, to make animgif science dead simple.

Nivea Pure & Natural

Launch campaign for Nivea's all natural product range.

NIVEA Fitness Tour 2011

Site and campaign emphasizing fitness and sports, accompanied by a roadshow and an outstanding viral.

Jar website

International brandsite with dozens of rich media features for JAR dishwashing liquid.

Take your seat!

Creative campaign for Air France Romania, based on the airport check-in situation.

Coke sites

Crisp & clean design for the unified Coke sites in several European countries.

Xmas 2010 - Dnb

Abstract 3D xmas tree visually synced to an exclusive track from drum'n'bass artist.

Adopt a bear!

Campaign for the largest online fundraising initiative of WWF in Romania.


At the dawn of internet memes and trolls, we were there to put a smile on people's faces!

Come to Austria Xmas e-card

Send your season's greetings from your own hut in the Alps!

Christmas ornaments

A seasonal charity microsite, calling users to design real christmas tree ornaments for an orphanage.


Online competition where ladies could win an exotic getaway and other fabulous prizes.

Website redesign 2010

A crunchy, fresh site for djuice in Hungary that appeals to teenagers and young adults.

Get closer!

Online elements of the educational campaign to bring healthy and disabled people closer together.

Fanta Bongo & Shokata

Introducing the two new fresh flavors of Fanta!

According to scientific research

Infographic video based on a Tárki research about differences in cultural values in our society.

Értéktér website

We designed and developed the website for 'Értéktér' project, a series of sociological presentations by renowned Hungarian scientists and experts.

Solar flair

Put yourself on the cover of Cosmopolitan with PG products. The winner was in fact photographed and published on the magazine.

PokerMaster website

Design & development of information and community site for poker fans in Romania.

Kiss Contest

Upload a romantic photo, vote for your favourites and win a Labello pendrive!

Pannon to Telenor rebranding

Rethinking, redesigning and rebuilding the site of the leading Hungarian mobile service provider.

Old Spice website

Pick the shower gel in the morning that suits your mood, just like this website that adapts its theme to the time of day.

NIVEA Teen campaign

Introduction of the new NIVEA brand for teens who could win a party by designing a killer poster of the event.

Cow and the City

This cow is full of energy! Try to guess the distance he covers every morning.

Xmas 2009 - Likin' it

In 2009 we unstressed your Xmas with these funny cartoon shorts. Visits complemented to our industry-wide stress statistics.

Fireman – Get your ladder & your firehose, babe!

Introducing the new Old Spice Fireman product by reaching users on Facebook in 6 countries.

djuice Join!

Are you smart enough to get tickets for a sold-out concert? Use your mobile to solve the puzzle and win tickets to an actual Depeche Mode gig.


This site is all about men, fast cars and racing. Pick your favourite game and compete against others.

RoboCoke, the Coke MSN agent

A cunning and good-mannered A.I. living in cyberspace.

Cetebe website

A 3-dimensional experience where you can explore the benefits of slow absorption vitamin C capsules.

'Nyárfalók' summer campaign

We followed the daily life of four teams of youngsters, rocking through the summer festivals, all expenses paid by djuice.

Religion and Health in Nyírbátor

Logo, identity and website design to present the cultural and religious values of Nyírbátor city.

Coke Club 2009

Crazy online program guide for a crazy summer festival.

Coke Club calendar

A virtual program guide on Facebook boosted by extra options to make it more social.

No excuse!

Stop making bad excuses and start pulling your health together now! This site will get you motivated.

Have a new hairstyle every day

Web competiton for Pantene in Romania where users had to upload their photos with different hairstlyes.


Compose your reggae song in the banner, then play with the Jamaican theme in the famous Hungarian conquest game 'Honfoglaló'.

Can you guess?

Online campaign utilising the familiar mechanism of Activity games. We draw/show/tell, you guess!

Hidden treasures

Discover and post must-see hidden spots in the city using this one-of-a-kind, illustrated website.

Get a track

Joint promotion from djuice and Sony Ericsson for a walkman mobile. Test your guitar skills right in the banner!

Play with the Words!

Type a sentence and your words come the form of cute monsters!

Zoom news portal

Full scope architectural, interaction and visual design of the news portal site.

Infographics for Zoom

A series of infographic illustrations for monthly editorials of the news portal.

Duett Records

Record a duett with a random stranger! The song is from one of Hungary's iconic bands of the '80s.

Mr. Noproblem

Mr. Noproblem is a resourceful guy, who'll go to any length to fulfill your biggest wish.

Mobile Championships

A fake contest with real viewers, where fictious competitors built sculptures out of used mobile phones.

Olympic supporters video wall

An interactive video wall of supporters, who couldn’t make it to Beijing to cheer for the Hungarian Olympic Team.

Prepare for Denmark!

Prepare yourself for the party: prove your talent in air-guitar and learn the basics of Danish! redesign

We redesigned and reorganized the Hungarian site of Honda to make it cooler and easier to use.

Men's Challenge 2009

Online games to keep you entertained from the biggest brands in personal care products for men.

Redesign 2008

New looks for djuice in 2008 with hip illustrations.

Plush-free Valentine

Fake organization for saving plush toys (often discarded after Valentine's Day).

Xmas 2007 - Stars

Your message shines amongst the stars on a beautiful winter sky.

Do it yourself Xmas

For the 2007 Chrismtas Season we created an online tool that allowed visitors of Telenor to craft and send a greeting card to friends and family.

Fütyülős website

Feature rich, mystical world for Hungary's famous alcoholic drinks manufacturer. based on Sitecore

Generali chose CarnationGroup and Sitecore CMS to make their site easy to maintain, stable and rock solid.


Adopt a Wuki and take care of their haircut everyday. But watch out, they can get quite furious if you mess them up.


Hunt the city for preys, shoot them with your mobile, send in the pic for prizes!

Office Small Business 2007

In 2007 Microsoft targeted business owners with video testimonials and a banner campaign. The new Office Small Business suite offered efficient solutions for common business needs.

SMS Bandi

SMS Bandi can compose a song on anything! What is the difference between text messages and lyrics?


Promo site for a faux sci-fi movie about time travellers.

Pannon flagship store minisite

To introduce the look & feel of the new physical store of the mobile company, we created an interactive, 360° experience.

Free SMS

Train your thumbs for Free SMS offer from djuice. How many times can you click in 5 secs?

MMS microsite

A site for Telenor that explains the advantages of using MMS through various real-life situations.

Heat Commando

As a random act of kindness we sent large watermelons to our clients along with some cute warriors of hot & cold.

Mobile Broadband microsite

Instead of showing numbers we demonstrated the benefits of a broadband mobile internet access in real life situations.

Xmas 2005 - Body type

Type your greeting with our custom typeface of employees.

Art Csoport website

Hiii-ya! Hilariously funny site with some entertaining and wise karate masters.

Xmas 2004 - Xmass

Use the keyboard buttons to compose a jingle and the wireframe editor to customize your ornament. Share it with friends when ready.

Don't be overprotective!

Online part of an integrated image campaign featuring an overprotective father and his son.



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