Technology-bred. Thriving on

fresh ideas. Asking questions.

Lots of them. Meticulous with

the details. This is who we are

and how we do it.

As a digital creative firm, we could say that our DNA is made up of some key components like technology, media, creative, project management and fresh ideas. And that would be true, but you see it is slightly more complex than that. So here it is in nutshell.

Creative, technology, media, analytics

Our inter-disciplinary team of designers, creative writers, technologists and business-minded media professionals allows us to address every challenge with a customized setup, assign the best peeps and the most relevant competencies. So whether its a paid / owned / earned media strategy, a complex loyalty program, mobile apps for iOS, android, windowsmobile platforms or IPTV applications we always get a fresh perspective.

Idea is king

Our platform-independent approach guarantees that we take on each and every challenge with the same curiosity. Our structure enables us to tackle each problem with a fresh perspective and once we feel that we have the idea that will rock the hell out of our client's brand, we then adjust all the relevant channels and tools to get the best out of it. And then it just works.

European, we are

We have worked with a good number of brands and companies from a wide range of sectors throughout Europe, learned a lot and improved our scale of competencies in the past 14 years. We work on local campaigns and also with regional business units serving as digital creative lead agency and developing strategic creative toolkits. Sometimes Europe is just not enough so we go as far as China to recruit young developers and India to train others. Travelling. Sweet.

We DO stuff

The second best to thinking up big ideas is to actually make them come true. We love to get our hands dirty so we draw stuff, shoot and edit movies, write music and experiment with new technology, multimedia and whatnot. Naturally, being a digitally-bred group of peeps, we do all when it comes to interactive, so we design, code and develop everything in-house. Geeks aboard.

Strategy & Planning

  • Audience Research and User Profiling
  • Multi-platform Digital Toolkit Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • SEO Strategy

Communication & Visual Design

  • Branding and Art Direction
  • Creative Concept and Design
  • Multi-platform Communication Toolkit Creation
  • Key Visual and Asset Library Creation
  • User Interface Design

Creative Production

  • Video and Photo Shooting
  • Post Production and Retouching
  • 3D Modeling
  • Games

Emerging Media

  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Social Media and Data Integration
  • Facebook Conversation Strategy and Management
  • Google AdWords Strategy and Management
    ("Google Third-Party Policy")
  • App Ideation, Design and Development
  • Metrics, Optimization and Analytics
  • Planning and Buying


  • System Evaluation
  • Front and Back End Development
  • Content Management Systems and Hosting
  • Sitecore Planning and Development
  • E-Commerce Systems
  • Innovation Lab