February 042014

R&D Lab just leveled up!


It’s been a while since we took a step forward and started to think differently. And now we’re just about to make another move, to part even further from the classic agency model.

This year, we’re expending our R&D lab not just in size, but in relevance too. We were always keen on coming up with new methods, applying new technologies to set trends in the industry. This way of thinking led us to launch our own products.


As there are 7 new product developments/projects at us right now, we are scouting for the best entrepreneurial folks out there, who share our vision and passion.
If you want to:
- experience running the show in a start-up-like environment
- see what direct effect you have on products / services
- be responsible for the concept, not just the implementation
- work in multidisciplinary teams (e.g.: Composers, leatherworkers, etc.)
- try yourself out in different fields
we have something for you.

Bold, relentless, interested folks wanted for our "MORE THAN AGENCY 2.0" program.
We’re looking for people to different positions, starting from strategic level to implementation.
Open positions:

- Senior product owner to be responsible for the success of the products on a strategic level, making sure the venture will be sustainable, motivates the team and translates the strategic goals into actionable steps.
- Game master to run the show, sort of a game designer, master of joy, responsible for gamification.
- Project manager to keep things together, ensure timely delivery, quality, sort of a Mr.Wolf from Pulp Fiction.
- Biz dev./sales to coordinate sales, take stuff to the next level, see all potential directions to progress, build partnerships.
- UX designer to ensure the smooth experience of users and high level of engagement, model and streamline operations.
- Designer for web, app, print, packaging, pretty much for everything.
- Developers backend & frontend folks.
- Mobile developers to make all the magic happen in iOS & Android.
- Power user to test everything, support peers, manage content & community, moderate and keep things hot!

If any of these descriptions fits you, don’t hesitate to show yourself at .