March 062015

Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds

An extraordinary audio-visual experience from the POSSIBLExIAMYANK cooperation!

The game is available here: iOS, Android, Amazon

After nearly 8 months of hard work we've finished one of the biggest and most exciting PGI projects we ever had. The outcome is Adventures of Poco Eco, an exploratory adventure game focusing on music within an extraordinary visual world. We created the game to promote the new album of Iamyank, with whom we cooperated from the beginning.

 “Lost Sounds is a milestone in my career, so I wanted to release it in a special way no one did before. The idea of creating a mobile game based on the music came from nowhere, actually. I was hanging out with my friends from POSSIBLE – I used to work there as a designer few years ago – and when I told them about my intentions of the album release, they had this idea. To create a game. I started to think it over, and… well, the rest is history” – said Yank.

In Lost Sounds players have to help Poco Eco and his tribe find their sounds they lost by solving mini puzzles and completing all twelve 3D animated levels. The game challenges logic thinking with fun-to-play brain-teasers while entertaining with a unique atmosphere of music and graphics.

“Two of my biggest interests are electronic music and digital art, so the first time I heard about this project, to create a mobile game for an album, I felt like: yes, this is it! Seriously, it was like Christmas in July for me” – smiled Krisztián Tóth, our CEO/CCO. “We immediately had like a ton of ideas of how to put it, how to bring the best out of it, and I can say that I’m more than happy with the outcome.”

We were keen to create something innovative, and we feel that we quite nailed it:

- It’s the first time a music album comes hand in hand with a mobile game, also the other way around

- Players have to collect the tunes of all the soundtracks from the LP

- Purchasing the app gives free access to Lost Sounds LP

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